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Choosing Between CSS And Flash

Choosing Between CSS And Flash

Many website developers today are debating about CSS and Flash. Some think that Flash is better than CSS while some say that CSS has a few advantages over Flash. For newbies, it can be a bit perplexing to choose between the two so it is important to look at what each can offer before deciding to create a program. Here is a short review about CSS and Flash.CSS

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The language can be used for any type of XML or Extensible Markup Language. XML programs include plains XML, SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics and XUL which is also known as User Interface Language. The application is similar to webpages written in HTML and XHTML however it is more advanced than any of the two.

Advantages of CSS

Most beginners prefer studying and using CSS because it is easier to understand. CSS tags are human and machine understandable because the words used are simpler compared to codes or commands used in many programming languages. The style sheets used in CSS are called rules which composed of declarations that are easier to debug. All rules used must match to a particular element so a programmer would know where he or she made an error after checking if all elements have a match.

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash, also called as Macromedia Flash in the past, is a software platform that is mainly used for animation, graphics and games. Most webpage developers today use Flash to embed videos and other multimedia content. Animations can be done through Flash using the Action Script, which is an object-oriented programming or OOP.

Should I use Flash or CSS?

Flash and CSS both have pros and cons. CSS syntax can be easier to understand on the other hand, Flash is better when it comes to adding sounds and heavy duty graphics. Both are essential to web developers however it is important to weight first what the person needs to be able to know what type of language he or she should use. For basic websites with fewer graphics, CSS can be a good choice since it is very easy to create. Conversely, those who want to use lots of effects, especially for gaming sites, can use Flash to get better results.